First Day in Krabi. Two more to adventure on long tail boats and kayaks. Today was hiking and swimming and a bit of boating. Tomorrow I hope to catch a speed boat to Koh Phi Phi, where theres great snorkeling and fishing.

I met a lot of foreigners like me, just trying to catch a holiday. There was Ben from France, Sarah and Liz from Canada, Sam from Australia, Ana and Irene from Germany, and Patty from London among others.

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The Chiang Mai Gorge and exotic foods. The hairy red fruit is called “gna” and the plate lunch has basil pork on rice. Yum! 

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Chiang Mai


Michelle spoils me with my first cinnamon rolls in 5 months this morning. The Miller family is so cool. We head to church all crammed happily into the SUV. I ride in the trunk area with great little side seats. Joel and his british friend, Tom are apart of the youth band leading the worship songs. The sermon is taken from “don’t waste your life” by john piper. Its a good talk about living in the power of the Word rather than on your own strength. After church, I strike a conversation with Kristy Sneider, the wife of the dude in charge of Create International, the media-minisry place that I’d like to check out this week. She and I talk about China, Alaska and other commonalities before we realize that it was obviously a divine appointment that we had met. 

This afternoon after a huge lunch at Big-C which included muslim and thai dishes and both a banana-pineapple shake and a desserty coconut-mango-stickyrice platter,  I hike with Tim and Michelle the main mountain near Chiang Mai. We start it out with iced coffees and more fresh mango at a small cafe at the bottom of the trail. (I’m so fortunate its mango season here) What a gorgeous walk through streams and small waterfalls. This evening, i had some familiar dishes and spices that I’m sure I had while growing up - over 15 years ago - but not since.

tomorrow i will hike for most the day then go to the local swimming pool at Grace School Chiang Mai, the missionary school.

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Back to Hong Kong. Stayed at a great little hostel for 3 nights with backpackers from around the globe. too fun. 

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Farewell dinner with the China Studies Program. Got my Xiamen University Exchange Student diploma certificate tonight! Here is my class and my Chinese language teacher, Ma Ling.

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Beijing Zoo. This was amazing to see the diversity. So cool pandas. At first all we saw was this deathly sick looking panda that seemed to be 100 years old and dying off quick, but we soon found the exhibit with the more lively pandas, eating bamboo and cursing around the area. So huge looking. Firefoxes were so cute. My favorite animal was the Golden Monkey. These guys would practically pose for the photo. The siberian tigers was something i remember seeing at the zoos in Thailand and remind me of my youth. 

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